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Hotels booking Boracay

Hotels booking in Boracay Island for large film- crews should be done far ahead of time.

The Page Boracay hotels booking offers some general information about Boracay activities and things to do on Boracay Island.


If you want to be booking your hotels in peak season, it will be convenient, to take a minimum of 4-5 months ahead of the booking date.

There are many kinds of hotels in Boracay Island – like first class hotels, a large number of middleclass- as well as Budget Hotels.

For larger film crews you might be looking into booking some middle class hotels with aircon, a conference room an good service.

Booking hotels Boracay

For booking hotels in Boracay you can go through our travel agencies in Manila or check in one of the many internet pages that offer hotel booking reviews.

Talking about reviews: They come in handy, if you don’t want to end up being disappointed.

More than once, tourists told us of the “promised land” they were offered by travel agents. Sailing - sailboat charter and rental in Boracay.
Informations: "Hotels Carabao Island" here.

Once thy got there, things were not quite, as presented in travel catalogs.


Boracay weather

The weather for travelling to Boracay island is best from janury to june. Boracay weather will change after that and taifoon – rainy season will start. But even in nasty weather with lots of strong wind, rain and clouds, Boracay can be attractive. Boracay weather is devided in two seasons. Summer – jan to june – and “Habagat”. The wind turns to the other side of Boracay Island and brings plenty of rain. People there somatime say it’s cold weather. But that’s for them. For Europeans it is still warm and humid.


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