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Boracay activities

One of our members at “” has fallen deeply in love with an island on the Philippines, called will soon feature his Boracay Island – foto and video impressions on this page.

Boracay Activities

Boracay Island has a lot to offer in terms of things to do on the island.. Of course it is a sailing paradise. With the small outrigger sailboats you can do a unique kind of island hopping from one paradise island to the next. You can sail to lonely beaches or to places, where there is no tourism at all – as well as to white beaches that offer anything and any kind of entertainment you like. In terms of Boracay activities, there is a various number of things you can do on the island. See Island hopping Boracay pictures.


Boracay Island Hopping Video

Visit us to get on our Boracay Island hopping video website a visual enlisted in the form of a video of Boracay. See Boracay Island hopping picture of the Boat


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Sail boat rental – yacht charter

Sailing boat rental or yacht charter for offshore sailing are some of the most attractive Boracay activities.

You can charter a sailing boat to go island hopping or sunset sailing. Yacht charter for daytrips around the island or boat charter for only a few hours. Everything in terms of sailing is possible. Boat charter and a great variety of things to do in Boracay.

In terms of sports there is offered a great big deal of scubadiving by many kinds of well organized businesses. Diving equipment you can rent. Mostly you can get divind- lessons od alt least, diving- instructions right on the beach.

If cou like to play golf, go shopping or simply relax on the white beach. You are looking for things to do on the island? You simply can not get disappointed.

Apart from all kinds of music- entertainmet in various bars and lounges there is also a bit of entertainment in the streets. On your Boracay shopping trip for example in the shopping- alley called “d’mall” you can even meet the one or other walkingact- artist hired by shop- owners or fireshows of jugglers on the beach.

Of course, Boracay hotels and restaurantws are prepared to wellcome tourists of all countries and cultures. Ther is a great deal of places, that offer relaxing spa, massages and just about everything to lelax your mind and soul.

Boracay things to do
One of Boracay Island’s most enjoyable activities you find under rent a sailboat rental. Sailboat rental services you find on many Boracay beaches as well as in some Boracay hotels and restaurants that provide the rental of sailboats as a customer- service.

Borayay activities – a soon appearing website, being featured by one of our writers here at “”
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Boracay Foto and Video
Boracay islad offers some great landscape for you foto and video excursions.
For model- photography it is a great place with paradise- like shooting backgrounds and painter ship boat.


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